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What We @ Kärdi Believe?

We live in an age of radical transparency. Anyone with access to a web browser can find the best price of an oven, cooktop or fridge within minutes. This type of “free and open” information helps consumers make better purchasing decisions. But it’s not always great for traditional retailers who excessively inflate the prices of their products. 

For example...

The retail price of a traditional appliance can be anywhere between 5 and 10 times higher than its production cost. A lot of this “margin” is used to compensate wholesalers, distributors, and retailers — the price increasing each time the appliance changes hands. On top of that, there’s the celebrity chef advertising campaigns and event sponsorships many appliance brands engage in.

Kärdi Appliances is different. We believe in making RELIABLE and AFFORDABLE appliances available to everyone at fair prices. We value access over aspiration and expression over status. We draw inspiration from the past and reinterpret it for today — including functions and features you’d expect from a European-inspired appliance brand but be (happily) surprised to find at our price points.

Kärdi Origins

It all began in 2017. After finding the prices of quality appliances prohibitive, Stove Doctor Australia co-founder Dejan Josipovic researched the Australian appliance industry and was startled by what he found. Quality appliances were being sold for up to 2,000% more than their cost to produce them.

While investigating this phenomenon further, he found the majority of the price of a quality appliance was the result of expensive marketing campaigns, celebrity chef sponsorship, wasteful product development processes, inefficient suppliers and distribution channels, as well as excessive “status symbol” markups by appliance brands.

The long-time appliance entrepreneur saw an opportunity and within a few short months, the first Kärdi appliance models were ready for production. Inspired by German design, Dejan developed the signature Luxury Kardi range featuring quality materials, precise thermostats, and metal cooktop knobs. By optimizing production processes and eliminating waste, Kärdi was able to produce appliances matching the many other expensive brands in quality and yet offer them to customers at a fraction of the price.

As it turned out, the appliance buying public was ecstatic over the idea of owning quality appliances at fair prices. Since 2017, Kärdi appliances has supplied and deliver their range of reliable and affordable appliances to thousands of happy customers.

Kärdi European-Inspired Design

Being born in Europe, co-founder Dejan Josipovic fell in love with European art, architecture, culture, and food and vowed to create an appliance brand that paid homage to the quality of European style.

Today, every appliance in the Kärdi range draws inspiration from European quality and style with the modern-day home cook in mind.

The subtle details of each appliance model with sleek lines and high in functionality and performance — breathe the spirit of Europe into every Kärdi appliance

How Kärdi does it?

To offer you fairly-priced, reliable appliances Kärdi took the direct-to-consumer approach. Our appliances are manufactured in the same factories and from the same top-quality components as other premium appliance brands. But we’re obsessed with keeping our supply, distribution, and advertising costs to a bare minimum. This allows us to pass far greater savings on to you.

And the quality of our appliance is guaranteed — your Kärdi appliance is protected by an industry-leading 2 or 5 Year Warranty. Wherever you are and whatever the problem, we’ll make it right for up to five years**.

We could continue congratulating ourselves for our wonderful work, but we’d prefer you to experience the Kärdi difference yourself. Our quality appliances are waiting to be discovered.

The Real Kärdi Advantage?

When you purchase a Kärdi appliance, you know that you have secured peace of mind from a recognised appliance industry leader. You will also be glad to know that you are dealing with one team of expert appliance specialists that are responsible for everything from the appliance manufacturing factory floor until the time that the appliance is installed in a kitchen ready to be used by the home chef.

We ensure that investing in a quality Kärdi appliance means that there is no blame game between manufacturers, wholesalers, retailers, delivery men or tradespeople. Experience the Kärdi difference for yourself and enjoy your RELIABLE yet very AFFORDABLE appliance today.

"We purchased our new appliances directly from Kardi and have been over the moon with the quality of our new oven, cooktop and dishwasher. We find the quality much better then most of the overpriced brands you find in the retail stores."

V Paterson - Parramatta N.S.W